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EXCLUSIVE: 2018 TDWP Christmas Special

November 7, 2018

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The Doctor Who Project is excited to reveal that there will be 2018 Christmas Special featuring the Tenth Doctor and Hannah.

The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve is an all-new adventure from Nick Krohn and is set to be released on December 22nd.  Nick has written previously for TDWP contributing the Season 41 finale, Moondust.

In the far future, as human settlements across the galaxy prepare to celebrate an ancient holiday, the Confederation of Worlds faces a crisis. One planet of the Confederation has irreparably destroyed its ecosystem, and has been forced to flee their home in a fleet of refitted spacecraft.

Their destination is a planet within their confederation’s borders, its atmosphere a roiling storm of methane and carbon dioxide. On the surface, in a bunker specially built for the purpose, Eileen Hastings, a great scientist, prepares to sacrifice her life in the process of transforming the atmosphere, creating a safe and welcoming planet for her people.

When the Doctor and Hannah discover what she plans to do, the Doctor rushes to stop her, but she is determined to do whatever is necessary to preserve her people’s culture and heritage.
As a final Midwinter’s gift, the Doctor takes Hastings ten years into her future, so at least she can see the fruits of her labours. Unfortunately, something went wrong that fateful Midwinter’s Eve, and her sacrifice accomplished nothing but allow the slaughter of billions. Now, the race is on to discover the cause of her failure, and somehow stop the senseless civil war brewing in the Nine Worlds Confederation.

This Midwinter, Eileen Hastings is the only hope of her people. Her only hope is the Doctor.

The Hope of Midwinter’s Eve will be available in downloadable PDF format.

Keep tuned to the TDWP website and blog for further details and updates.



Save on Season 40 & 41 Omnibus

October 22, 2018

Have you picked up your copy of either The Doctor Who Project Season 40 Omnibus Volumes 1 & 2 and/or The Doctor Who Project Season 41 Omnibus Volumes 1 & 2?

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10% Off Savings on Various Books

October 18, 2018

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News…both volumes of The Doctor Who Project Season 40 Omnibus, The Doctor Who Project Season 41 Omnibus; and the re-release of The Write Stuff can be purchased for 10% off the cover price.  Plus, if we’re not incorrect, Lulu itself, also has percentage off promo on too.

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The Write Stuff Available Again

October 15, 2018

TDWP is pleased to announce that The Write Stuff is available again for a limited time!

In the twenty years that The Doctor Who Project (TDWP) has been in existence, TDWP has published over 150 Doctor Who-related short stories, interviews, reference material, and more.  In order to do just that, it has taken the hard work and dedication of a great number of talented and dedicated individuals.  These individuals are the editors, and assistant editors, of The Doctor Who Project.  Since 1999, there have been 16 individuals who have served as an editor, assistant editor, and, in some instances, both.

In the works for over 5 years, The Write Stuff, pays tribute to the 16 who served as the project’s editors and assistant editors.  All of them worked as a team to shape and mold the stories, working with the writers, to ensure TDWP turned out the highest quality non-professional fiction possible.

Join Bob Furnell as he speaks with Misha, Terry, Tim, Kyle, Karen, Julio, Alex, Sam, Michael, Robert, Jez, Benjamin, Jeremy, Richard, and John and learn all about the ins and outs, ups and downs, of working for The Doctor Who Project.

The Write Stuff will be available to purchase for a limited time.  Order your copy here. (Save 10% off the cover price.)

Season 40 Omnibus on Sale October 17th

October 15, 2018

Available Wednesday October 17 2018

The Doctor Who Project Season 40 Omnibus

Volumes One and Two


Changes are afoot in the TARDIS as The Doctor Who Project present the final two adventures featuring companions Tom Brooker and Val Rossi.

In Ghost Ship, a distress call, leads the Doctor, Tom and Val to a ship where only a handful of people remain. Ghostly shapes prowl the corridors picking off the survivors one by one. The Doctor discovers the crew did not send the distress call and they suspect him of being responsible for the disappearances. Then the TARDIS is taken. The Doctor is forced into desperate measures to track down the alien force behind the ghostly apparitions, find out who sent the distress call and explain the fact that although five people are supposed to be aboard, six life signs are registering.

In Cybercult, returning home to find their old friend, John Grantham missing, Tom and Val’s only trace leads to The Church of the New Future, a modern-day pseudo-religion that focuses on purging mankind of its destructive impulses for a perfect future, and is finding great popularity in the disaffected youth of the world. In an attempt to get to the bottom of everything, the Doctor discovers that an old enemy of his has returned. The Cybermen are back, and this time, they’ve brought religion. As the situation becomes desperate, Tom and Val themselves will make the greatest sacrifice of all in order to save the human race.

Available in 6×9 Trade Paperback / 184 pages

* * * * * * * *


The Doctor keeps landing in Wyoming.

A secret buried in the rock beneath Devils Tower has started to awaken — a secret that takes the Doctor right back to where everything started. In the company of old friends and new foes, he joins forces with a young native American geologist to fight an ancient evil now being given a terrifying new lease of life. As tectonic forces start to tear apart the frozen hills, releasing creatures from the primordial past, the Doctor and his new companion journey to the furthest reaches of human history. There they must confront the Doctor’s greatest enemy in a terrible and final reckoning.

Could this finally be the very end for the Doctor?

This collection contains both parts one and two of The Final Reckoning reprinted together in one single volume.

Available in 6×9 Trade Paperback / 314 pages

* * * * * * * *

Both volumes one and two will go on sale for purchase Wednesday October 17 2018 and can be ordered at:

Season 40 Omnibus Volumes 1 & 2 Update

October 7, 2018

Great news for those of you who’ve been eagerly awaiting publication of our next collection of published stories.  Both volumes – 1 and 2 – of the Season 40 Omnibus are now being prepped for the printer and will likely be available to go on sale before the end of October 2018.

Volume One will feature Ghost Ship by Krista Wilson and Matthew James and Cybercult by Miles Reid-Lobatto, while Volume Two will feature the two-part adventure The Reckoning by John Swogger.  Volume one will be 182 pages while volume two will be a massive 312 pages.

Keep tuned to the blog for further details and the official publication date.


The Fossilist Now Published

September 15, 2018

TDWPs latest Brief Encounter adventure, The Fossilist by Dan Tessier & James P. Quick, is now available to download free in PDF format from the TDWP site.