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Where It All Began…

June 30, 2020

We have some exciting news for the fans of The Doctor Who Project – the very first two stories that started it all, The Final Sunset and Best Enemy are now back online available to download. The latest versions have been tidied up and are ready for your reading pleasure.

The Final Sunset features the Seventh Doctor, as played by Sylvester McCoy in an adventure that sees the Doctor assist a Canadian archaeological team who’ve discovered a long lost Silurian colony.

In Best Enemy, the Seventh has been staying at UNIT headquarters in Vancouver Canada since the events in “The Final Sunset” when the announcement he’s been waiting for comes – UNIT troops have found the Master’s TARDIS. Or, have they?

Both stories can be found in the Season 27 section of The Doctor Who Project website.

Write For Brief Encounters

June 14, 2020

Brief Encounters is on-going series of original short stories featuring television Doctors 1-7, and their associated companions. To date we’ve published 23 stories under this banner with a further adventures planned for a 2020 release.

If you like to write short fiction about past Doctor’s, we’re always on the lookout for new stories to publish under the BE banner.

Story Requirements:

  1. Stories must be original whilst also fitting within established continuity set in the 1963-89 TV series.
  2. The stories will be up to and around 5000 words in length.

Interested In Contributing?

If you’re interested in contributing to Brief Encounters, please send us an email outlining your story idea to Submissions should contain the following information:

  1. The Doctor and the companion the story concerns
  2. Details of key characters/monsters
  3. A brief synopsis of the story plot

First time contributors to The Doctor Who Project should also include a sample of their writing style in a Word document.

Our editors work with our writers to help them improve at their craft. We offer constructive and useful advice with the view of helping you become the best you can at your craft and writing the best story possible. It’s a true team environment at TDWP, where we’re all working towards the same common goal.

If this is the sort of project you’d like to write for, we’d like to hear from you. Send us an email and tell us about yourself, maybe even send us a sample of your work.

Available Again! Blossom Core The Comic

June 4, 2020



This special publication bringing together the rare comic and the popular Season 29 story in one volume.

Featuring a story by Kyle Borcz and artwork by Dan McDaid and Jon Huff, with a foreword by story author Kyle Borcz and an afterword by Bob Furnell.

In the vortex, the headquarters of the Celestial Intervention Agency drifts in and out of time, unreachable by everyone save a few elite Time Lords and the Operatives themselves.

This covert group exists solely to manipulate the time lines and interfere where the Time Lords will not openly do so. What if one of said elite was a traitor? Operative-in-training Graekatziasa’asterus believes that her first mission with the Agency will be simple: halt the dimensional collapse of antiquated Type 40 TARDIS last seen approaching the Decema system.

What is the origin of the virus that has destroyed the TARDIS dimensional controls? And why would the Agency want her to lie to the Doctor about what system they’re in?

The Doctor Who Project brings together original story and ultra rare comic of this highly popular Season 29 story in this special publication.

Join the Eighth Doctor, Grae and Tamara Scott in this exciting adventure.

Published in 8.5×11 size / 108 pages / $15.99 CAD


Twenty-First Anniversary Poster

May 25, 2020

Now available to download.  The Doctor Who Project 21st Anniversary Poster featuring Doctors 1-10.

Designed by Alex Lydiate.

To download, just click on the image, right click and save as.

Call For Submissions

May 25, 2020


The Doctor Who Project is currently accepting stories for both the Season 42 and Brief Encounters ranges of stories.


Season 42 is the latest season of adventures featuring the TDWP Tenth Doctor and companion Hannah Redfoot.


Brief Encounters is our on-going series of original short stories featuring television Doctors 1-7, and their associated companions.

We also include adventures featuring TDWP Eighth and Ninth Doctors.


If you’d like to learn more about submitting a story for publication, please click on the link for our Submission Guidelines page.

We look forward to hearing from you.


The Season 27 Dilemma: To Publish or Not to Publish

May 17, 2020

If you’re a longtime reader of The Doctor Who Project or even fairly recent to the project, you may have noticed that for the longest time, three of the Season 27 stories (“The Timeling Theory,” “Spirits” and “The Pax Process”) were missing and not available to download from the project’s website.  There was a reason for this.

As The Doctor Who Project’s Range Editor and founding member, long ago I made the decision that several stories from our very first “season” would not be made available.  Since making that initial choice, over the years I’ve been asked numerous times why these stories are not available.  My explanation for this has been varied from the files were lost, to the files were corrupted due to the age of the format they were stored on.  These answers seemed to satisfy those curious minds, and interest in these original stories seemed to wane.

Then, in mid-2013, the project decided to remove a large bulk of The Doctor Who Project back-catalogue (this included all stories from Seasons 27 to 37.)

In 2018, we decided to take the stories and put them into print combining them into season omnibus collections – the first of which was the two-volume Season 41 omnibus.  To date, we’ve released Seasons 40, 28, 29, and 30 with plans to release further seasons.  Since releasing hard-copy versions of the seasons, the question regarding the missing Season 27 stories has cropped up again.  Will we be releasing the very first season including those missing stories?

The short answer is no.


After recently addressing this on-going question with a reader on the Gallifrey Base forum, their query got me thinking. Do I want to make the missing stories available?  My gut reaction to this is no.  And yes, I can imagine the response some of you may be having to this answer.

Yet again, there’s a but.

First, let me say this.  Maybe it’s time for me to come clean and be honest here.  I’m reluctant to admit this, and I’m sure some of you may get annoyed, or even angry by this admission, and again there’s that word “but.”  Should I reveal this? Yes?  No?  Oh, what the heck.  Just spit it out, Bob.

Okay, I lied.

I have not been honest with you.

All the stories from our very first season – Season 27 – exist.  Yes, even those three stories – “The Timeling Theory, Spirits” and “The Pax Process” – that were never made available on our website exist. They always have.

“But why?” I’m sure you’re asking.

Well… to be honest, they’re just not up to the standard for publication.  The Doctor Who Project has come a long way since those days, and I just don’t feel those stories are something I want out there for general consumption.  And, while I don’t mean to insult or malign the writers of those specific stories, I’ll admit I’m embarrassed by them. (I’m even embarrassed by my own story, “The Doctor’s New Clothes,” published as part of the same season.) I don’t think people want to read badly written fiction.

But, on the other hand, I’ll be the first to admit that these stories were written in a quite different time. Twenty-two years ago to be precise.  Things were different back then.  Those of us who were running The Doctor Who Project had never published fan fiction before.  We didn’t have a clue what we were doing; we just did what we thought was right.  We were missing the television series, and by publishing a season of stories online, we were showing our love for the series.  None of us had any editing or publishing experience.  We learned as we went along, and thankfully, each subsequent season we published was better than the previous.  We learned what worked, what didn’t work, and we strived to publish well-written, quality, fan-written fiction.

But am I being fair to you our readers?  Perhaps not.

Do I have the right to withhold publication of these stories?  I don’t know.

Shouldn’t you be allowed to make up your own minds as to the quality of those stories?  Yes, you should.

Should I even care what readers think?  Of course I do.

It’s somewhat of a strange situation to be in.  In many ways, I don’t really know what the best plan action should be.  What do you think?  Would you want to read these stories?  If we published a Season 27 Omnibus, should we include these stories, or should we omit them?  Would readers be willing to pay to purchase a hardcopy publication to read a season of three or four reasonably good stories and 4 or 5 extremely bad stories?  Should the project go back and rewrite or revise these stories to bring them up to a publishable standard, or should we publish them warts and all?  I really don’t know.

What do you think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this?  Feel free to post your comments below in the comments section or drop us an email with your thoughts and suggestions.

Join the All New TDWP Mailing List

May 5, 2020

Want to keep up to date with the latest news, events, stories and more for The Doctor Who Project?

If so, why not subscribe to our all NEW exclusive mailing list?

Just drop by the TDWP website (, scroll down the home page to the “Join Our Mailing List” section, type in your email address, and click on “Subscribe”. It’s that easy. You’ll now be added to our news list and be kept up to date on all things TDWP.

**PLEASE NOTE** that if you were a subscriber of our previous mailing list, you will need to resubscribe to this new list to be kept up-to-date on a TDWP news. Thank you.

Season 30 Omnibus

May 4, 2020

It’s here!

The Doctor Who Project Season 30 Omnibus

Join the Doctor and Tamara Scott in an all new season of adventures in time and space as they travel: to Earth’s past visiting the tombs of Tutankhamen where they meet archeologist Howard Carter; to present day Paris and London where they must foil a plot to kill their own friend the Brigadier; to the future arriving in 22nd century India 2158 where they once again encounter the Doctor’s best enemy. Their travels take them to the planets Nadir, where they meet Dr. Chantilly Blessed who is desperately seeking a cure to the disease that kills her husband, and to Thera, where they encounter the war criminal Micaro. They team up once again with Time Lady Grae when the Doctor must return to his home planet of Gallifrey when the planet is in turmoil at the behest of the evil cult The Thirteen and their agent Brahaml.

The Season 30 Omnibus features eight adventures from the pens of Tim Jones, Misha Lauenstein, Jodie van de Wetering, Bob Furnell, John-Gordon Swogger, Elizabeth Gold and Kyle Bastian.

The season was the recipient of two 2003 MediaWest FANQ Awards – Best Doctor Who Story (General) for “Tears of Rassilon” by Kyle Bastian and, Best Doctor Who Fanzine (General).

410 pages | 6×9″‘ size | Cover by Rob Carpenter​

To order your copy visit the Jigsaw Publications Store on

TEN A DAY: The Yuletide Tradition

April 27, 2020

Our spotlight on the stories of the Tenth Doctor era TEN A DAY concludes today as we’re brought right up-to-date with the most recent Tenth Doctor story of the 2019 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL: THE YULETIDE TRADITION by James Kyle.

The TARDIS travels through time, but time passes within the TARDIS. And in the control room, when three hundred- and sixty-five-days pass, a Christmas tree appears out of nowhere – a reminder of the Yuletide. A lot can happen in a year. Companions come and go, as do Doctors. Christmases can be as pleasant as they can be awful, as meaningful as they can be worthless. Four Doctors. Nine companions. One celebration.

THE YULETIDE TRADTION is free to download in PDF format from The Doctor Who Project

TEN A DAY: About Face

April 26, 2020

TEN A DAY continues for April 26 2020 as we turn the spotlight on ABOUT FACE by R. Morgan Crihfield

“Hang in there, Hannah. I’m coming for you.”

A secret Time Lord vessel crashes on a desert moon, while Hannah Redfoot has gone missing.

A Battle TARDIS lands on the moon’s arid rocky landscape, and when the doors open, the soldiers of The Time Lord Twenty Seventh Infantry Regiment burst forth and establish an assault perimeter lead by Major Vance and the mysterious Agent Smith. Tasked to find survivors, what is the real reason a Time Lord Regiment been brought in to investigate a crashed spaceship, what is Agent’s Smith’s relationship to Ms. Redfoot, and who exactly are the group of survivors calling themselves, The Ordained?

Only Agent Smith knows what’s really going on.

ABOUT FACE is free to download in PDF format from The Doctor Who Project