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Editorial Board Changes

April 25, 2012

If you weren’t aware, there have been a few changes regarding our Editorial Board.  Sadly Samantha Warner has had to step down as Editor due to ill health. We’re sorry to see Sam go, but we completely understand her reasons for having to step down. Sam has been with TDWP since August 2007 and oversaw seasons 34-37 as well as the recent 2011 Specials. She has been of great assistance as Editor and everyone enjoyed working with her. TDWP Range Editor Bob Furnell commented, “I’m sorry to see Sam go. I really enjoyed working with her and appreciated her fresh insight into Doctor Who and TDWP. She’ll be missed.”

Taking over the vacant Editor’s post will be Robert Mammone who recently joined the TDWP Editorial Board as Assistant Editor. Rob will likely be familiar to TDWP readers as the author of such TDWP stories as “Dreadnaught, The Web of Time” and the forthcoming “The Mask of Anhur” for Season 38. Rob is a budding professional author with writings published in The Big Book of New Short Horror, Doctor Who Magazine and Midnight Echo: The Magazine of Australian Horror Writers Association to name a few. Range Editor Bob Furnell commented, “I was a bit concerned when Samantha stepped down that we’d have to go through the whole process of finding a new editor, but I sent Rob an email asking him, if the post became vacant, would he be interested in taking over. Rob asked for a few days to think about it, after which he came back with a few questions to which I replied to. A few days later Rob emailed me to say he’d be delighted to take over.” Rob officially took over as Editor on January 1st and will be overseeing Season 38.

Bob continues, “unfortunately this leaves us without an Assistant Editor. Hopefully we’ll be able to fill this post fairly quickly.” Bob confirms that a posting for the position will likely be forthcoming on the TDWP website.

The TDWP Editorial Board currently is consists of Bob Furnell (Range Editor), Robert Mammone (Editor) and Jez Strickley (Range Consultant).

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