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Season 38 News

April 25, 2012

If you’ll recall, last year we announced that we’d be publishing an all new season of stories with Season 38 in 2012, and no doubt you’ll have noticed that things went somewhat quiet on any news and updates regarding the forthcoming season.  After sorting out problems with losing a couple of the writers from the original lineup, which lead us to having to find replacements for those stories, we can assure readers that the season is still planned for release in 2012.  In fact, we can ensure you that things are progressing on the story front as we speak with two of the stories now completed, of which one is ready for publication.  A further three stories have had their first drafts completed, and one of these is close to final draft status.

The original plan for Season 38 was to feature 8 stories and a Christmas Special but with the loss of two stories, the season will now be made up of 7 stories.  Sadly with the recent departure of former Editor Samantha Warner we lost the planned Christmas Special, but Range Editor Bob Furnell recently intimated that there is still a strong possibility of another writer penning the seasonal special.  Nothing has been confirmed at this point in time, but there’s sure to be further news forthcoming regarding the special in the coming months.

The first of the seven stories for Season 38 is The Mask of Anhur by TDWP Editor Robert.  This will be followed by The Vault by Miles Reid who is making his return to TDWP after a 5 year absence.  Also returning to TDWP is former Assistant Editor Kyle Bastian with an all new adventure entitled Second Life.  Story four is the uniquely titled Spontaneous Combustion penned by Jez Strickley; while this will be followed by Red Shift and Blue Shift, a two-part adventure by fan favorite John-Gordon Swogger which sees the return of former companion.  The season will conclude with the eerie base-under-siege story Timebase by Daniel Tessier.

New Editor Robert Mammone has been busy editing various drafts of all seven stories ensuring they’ll be ready for publication.

Once again each story will be made available in downloadable PDFs and will feature original covers designed by TDWPs in-house artists.

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