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Meet TDWPs Tenth Doctor

April 30, 2012

Long time fans and viewers of Doctor Who are fully aware that every so often the Doctor goes through a process called “regeneration” which was clever story telling device created by producers of the series in 1966 when they had to change William Hartnell first Doctor into Patrick Troughton’s second Doctor.  This useful plot device became a staple of the series and over the past 40-plus years whenever the lead actor decided it was time to move on from the series, the then current Doctor would suffer some sort of traumatic event causing him to regenerate into a new personna.  Even TDWP has made use of this technique three times to date as part of the project’s story telling process. 

The most recent regeneration of the Doctor came in mid-2010 when TDWP’s ninth Doctor made the ultimate sacrifice and regenerated into the tenth Doctor as played by ficticious actor Laurent Meyer.  Those of you who are long time readers of our stories will be familiar with the tenth Doctor, but for those of you who are visiting the site for the first time, or aren’t familiar with TDWP, here’s you chance to get to know the TDWP’s tenth Doctor.

Just click on the link below and download this exclusive interview with Laurent Meyer…

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