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Clarifying June 6th Post

June 7, 2012

Originally Posted…
The Doctor Who Project will release seven new adventures that delve deep into the history of the television series; each story an all new and exciting adventure in their own right.

We had a couple of emails asking about this line as a few people thought it was a bit contradictory and just to clarify… what was meant was have a look at what elements made the successful stories of the past, and then come up with new and exciting ways to tell that story. For example, let’s say you have an idea for a base under siege story but to make it something more than the typical 60s stories of this type, come up with a new and exciting way/format to tell this sort of story. Don’t do a retread of “The Moonbase” etc. Hope that makes sense.

I have to say all of us at TDWP HQ are really excited about the possibilities this submission plea opens for stories and we’re really looking forward to seeing what writers come up with for ideas for stories. I know I personally can’t wait to read each of the submitted story proposals. I know there are some really talented writers in Doctor Who fandom and I’m hoping some of them will take this opportunity and pen something for TDWP.

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