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2013 Series Update

June 11, 2012

 Here’s an update on what’s being planned as the format for our series of stories to be published in 2013…

For the series of stories to be published in 2013 and will form as part of TDWP Season 39, it’s hoped that March 2013, will see the publication of the first of 7 stories spread across 2013 that incorporate the plan to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who. The first story will be published March 16, 2013 and then roughly every 6 weeks till November 23rd, there will be a new story. There will not be a 2013 Christmas Special but rather the November 23rd release will be a special story.

As the stories will be published roughly every 6 weeks, its planned to have a staggered schedule for submitting first and final drafts. The tentative schedule at this date is as follows:

  1. Story One – First Draft Deadline: Nov 24/12 / Final Draft Deadline: Jan 19/13
  2. Story Two – First Draft Deadline: Jan 5/13 / Final Draft Deadline: Mar 2/13
  3. Story Three – First Draft Deadline: Feb 9/13 / Final Draft Deadline: Apr 13/13
  4. Story Four – First Draft Deadline: Mar 30/12 / Final Draft Deadline: May 25/13
  5. Story Five – First Draft Deadline: May 4/13 / Final Draft Deadline: Jul 6/13
  6. Story Six – First Draft Deadline: Jun 15/13 / Final Draft Deadline: Aug 17/13
  7. Story Seven – First Draft Deadline: Jul 20/13 / Final Draft Deadline: Sep 21/13

Depending on where we slot your story in the season, deadline dates will vary.

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