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Season 38 Update

August 16, 2012

It’s been a bit quiet on the Season 38 front for a few weeks but TDWP can assure readers that developments on each of the seasons stories continues to progress.  You may recall in our last season update that both “The Mask of Anhur” by Robert Mammone and “Second Life” by Kyle Bastian have been edited and are ready for publication.  In addition to these two stories, work continues on the remaining season 38 stories.

Miles Reid’s “The Vault” has had its first draft edited and returned to the author for revisions and suggested changes, while Range Editor Bob Furnell continues to work on John Gordon’s two-part adventure “Red Shift/Blue Shift”.

A few weeks back we received a partial first draft of Jez Strickley’s “Spontaneous Combustion” and TDWP Editor Rob Mammone confirms that this has been edited and returned to the author.  And, at time of posting we are expecting the first draft of “Timebase” by Daniel Tessier any day now.

In addition to the above, we can confirm that we’ve made a slight modification to the season story order.  “Spontaneous Combustion” will now be the sixth story of the season, while the two-part story, “Red Shift/Blue Shift” will be the fourth and fifth story respectively.  This leaves the season order as follows:

Story 1: The Mask of Anhur
Story 2: The Vault
Story 3: Second Life
Story 4: Red Shift
Story 5: Blue Shift
Story 6: Spontaneous Combustion
Story 7: Timebase

The season will also feature the special publication of writer interviews and biographies.

Season 38 is due for publication in Autumn 2012.

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