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Season 38 – OCTOBER 6, 2012!

September 1, 2012

Poster by Mik Whiting

THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT [TDWP] has provided Doctor Who fans with stories that have thrilled and delighted countless readers for well over a decade. Season 38 is no different. TDWP takes you across the universe and back home just in time for tea in a new series of action packed adventures. Set your calendars for OCTOBER 6, 2012, when this latest season will be unleashed upon the world.

Season 38 brings you a season that delivers one thrilling adventure after another. Join the Tenth Doctor, and companions Val Rossi and Tom Brooker, as they travel to pre-World War II Venice and discover an ancient mask that holds the key to a global holocaust; find adventure while investigating Cold War secrets in a lost vault hidden deep in the bowels of Mother Russia; are pitched into an encounter with an old foe from that vile cult, Section 13; visit the world of Proteus in a special two-part story from fan favourite John Gordon; and get a taste of the bizarre world of the paranormal when they visit Quarr Manor in a sleepy little backwater British village; and then everything comes to an end when they have to advert a catastrophe of global proportion.

Beginning on October 6th and over the next seven weeks, TDWP will bring you a new adventure for your reading pleasure. Each story will be made available to readers in an easy to download PDF format with each featuring an original cover by some of Doctor Who fandom’s most acclaimed artists. The season begins with…

Story One: October 6, 2012
THE MASK OF ANHUR by Robert Mammone
The discovery of a mask in an ancient burial tomb in western Asia unleashes an alien force that could engulf pre-WW2 Europe and the world in a genocidal holocaust. When the Doctor, Val and Tom arrive in Venice in 1938, they stumble across the surviving members of the archaeological team that unearthed the mask. Soon, they are caught up in a wild chase as darkness spreads across the city. Can they survive a night that promises to spread its terrible darkness across the world?

Story Two: October 13, 2012
THE VAULT by Miles Reid-Lobotto
The Vault – a secret Russian installation, dating back to the Second World War.  A research facility built deep into a mountain, dedicated to the collection and study of extra-terrestrial technology that crashes behind the Iron Curtain. Even to the Russian Government, it doesn’t exist. Its existence covered up since all contact was lost back in the 1970s.  On behalf of an old friend, the Doctor, Tom and Val accompany a U.N.I.T research team to find the Vault and explore it. What they find, deep underground are the remnants of some of the darkest days of the Cold War. Secrets are revealed, crimes are uncovered. Deep in the Vault, there is no way out and they are not alone and not all of their team are to be trusted.  Deep in the Vault, something is waking up.

Story Three: October 20, 2012
SECOND LIFE by Kyle Bastian
The Doctor thought he had everything under control. The cell was constructed to his design: quartz-sapphire laser bars, stasis field, time loop – all set up within in a reconstructed sector of the Time Lord’s notorious prison planet of Shada. He thought that would hold her. But he was wrong – Bramahl has escaped and is out for blood. Along with Tom and Val, the Doctor must track down Bramahl, and their only clue is her successor from Section 13 – Tamara Scott. But her life as a companion was erased… wasn’t it? An old friend’s timely return may hold the key.

Story Four: October 27, 2012
RED SHIFT by John Swogger
On the jungle world of Proteus, at the far edge of the galaxy, an archaeological expedition from the Hamilton Institute investigates an ancient tomb complex and its strange crystalline monument. But the Doctor, Tom and Val discover that there are more secrets on Proteus than those buried in the ground. What are the strange creatures that stalk the jungle after dark? Why have seven members of the expedition gone missing? And why can no one can remember them?  As a devastating energy field begins to change the very world around them, Val and Tom become strangers to each other, and the Doctor uncovers a plot to steal the greatest prize of all.  [Part one of a two-part story.]

Story Five: November 3, 2012
BLUE SHIFT by John Swogger
On the ocean world of Proteus, at the far edge of the galaxy, an archaeological expedition from the Hamilton Institute investigates an ancient tomb complex and its strange crystalline monument. But the Doctor, Tom and Val discover that there are more secrets on Proteus than those buried in the ground. What are the creatures that stalk the shoreline after dark? Why have seven members of the expedition gone missing?  And why can’t the Doctor shake off the strange feeling that he’s done all this before?  It seems that on this ancient world, the past has not been properly buried – and when his own starts to catch up with him, the Doctor begins to suspect that it’s all a question of memory…  [Part two of a two-part story.]

Story Six: November 10, 2012
Travelling back to a quiet English backwater at the turn of the twentieth century, the Doctor decides to give Val and Tom a taste of the paranormal when they visit Quarr Manor, the location of a mysterious fire which saw the Georgian mansion burnt to the ground with not a trace of a survivor to be found.With just hours before the infamous fire is due to take place, the time travellers discover a sinister case of spontaneous human combustion in Quarr’s rooftop observatory, sparking fears that a supernatural force is at work. Soon a terrible dilemma faces the trio, as the Doctor begins to realise that Quarr’s fiery visitant is just one of the dreadful effects of a terrible space accident, which threatens to unleash a firestorm across the whole of the British Isles.Battling an anonymous threat which strikes without warning, the Doctor soon discovers that sometimes there is no good decision, as he faces the awful choice of sacrificing the few to save the many.

Finally on November 17th, the season will come to an exciting close with the Season Finale

Story Seven: November 17, 2012
TIMEBASE by Daniel Tessier
Outside of time and space, a group of pioneering scientists are vanishing, one by one. This is only the beginning of something catastrophic.

After a short 4 week break, TDWP will round the year off with the 2012 Christmas Special.

Story Eight: December 15, 2012
There is something in the atmosphere above Earth. You can’t see it or feel it, but it is waiting, counting the days, the hours… waiting for Christmas…”

Professor Ruby Tranter was a senior scientist working for the government finding new ways for mankind to survive in the 29th century. Now they’ve retired her. She feels cheated and bitter. Her big regret is never having a child to love and which would inherit her work.  Snow is falling inside the TARDIS. The Doctor realises someone is tampering with nature and sets off to stop them.  Using illegal government research Ruby sets about making the perfect child in her laboratory and uses the snow to gather her data. Next day the snowmen built by the local children come to life and envelop them.  The Doctor, Tom and Val must make Ruby stop her experiment so the real children can be freed. But there is a further consequence to Ruby’s experiment even the Doctor did not expect.

All of us here at the TDWP HQ are counting down the days till the debut of Season 38. We can’t wait for the season to begin and we’re extremely excited that our readers will be very pleased with the latest collection of stories.

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