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Season 38 Continues with Spontaneous Combustion

October 26, 2012

Season 38 continues with a brand new story entitled Spontaneous Combustion from the pen of Jez Strickley who readers will know from his previous contributions to the TDWP canon. In this brand new story…

Travelling back to a quiet English backwater at the turn of the twentieth century, the Doctor decides to give Val and Tom a taste of the paranormal when they visit Quarr Manor, the location of a mysterious fire which saw the Georgian mansion burnt to the ground with not a trace of a survivor to be found.

With just hours before the infamous fire is due to take place, the time travellers discover a sinister case of spontaneous human combustion in Quarr’s rooftop observatory, sparking fears that a supernatural force is at work. Soon a terrible dilemma faces the trio, as the Doctor begins to realise that Quarr’s fiery visitant is just one of the dreadful effects of a terrible space accident, which threatens to unleash a firestorm across the whole of the British Isles.

Battling an anonymous threat which strikes without warning, the Doctor soon discovers that sometimes there is no good decision, as he faces the awful choice of sacrificing the few to save the

Spontaneous Combustion is available for free download from the TDWP website in PDF format for your reading pleasure.

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