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2012 Christmas Special

December 15, 2012

The Snow Maiden - MediumTis the season to merry and jolly but who would have thought that during this time of year snowmen would be coming alive and creating fear in the nations parents.  Join us in an all new special Christmas adventure featuring the Tenth Doctor, Val and Tom in the 2012 Christmas Special “The Snow Maiden” by Matthew James.

“There is something in the atmosphere above Earth. You can’t see it or feel it, but it is waiting, counting the days, the hours… waiting for Christmas…”

Professor Ruby Tranter was a senior scientist working for the government finding new ways for mankind to survive in the 29th century. Now they’ve retired her. She feels cheated and bitter. Her big regret is never having a child to love and which would inherit her work.

Snow is falling inside the TARDIS. The Doctor realises someone is tampering with nature and sets off to stop them.

Using illegal government research Ruby sets about making the perfect child in her laboratory and uses the snow to gather her data. Next day the snowmen built by the local children come to life and envelop them.

The Doctor, Tom and Val must make Ruby stop her experiment so the real children can be freed. But there is a further consequence to Ruby’s experiment even the Doctor did not expect.

The Snow Maiden is free to download in PDF format for multiplatform use from The Doctor Who Project (

Merry Christmas

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