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The Best of TDWP1999-2012

August 19, 2013

Coming Soon from the publishers of The Doctor Who Project


Best of TDWP - Front Panel

What if Doctor Who hadn’t been cancelled in 1989?  What if the Seventh Doctor hadn’t regenerated into the Eighth Doctor in 1996?  What would ‘we’ do if we produced the series?  These were the three questions that established the foundations for The Doctor Who Project.

Since 1999, The Doctor Who Project has been publishing original fiction featuring an alternate Doctor and his companions. Stories are published as part of an overall ‘season’ that concentrates on delivering a collection of short stories which sees the Doctor having exciting new adventures in time and space.  From the projects humble beginnings The Doctor Who Project has grown into a list running to over 110 individual titles and enjoyed by readers from all over the globe.

This special collection brings together seven stories published between 1999-2012 as voted by the readers as examples of some of the best stories published by The Doctor Who Project.  This 330 page publication, published in perfect-bound format, features an exclusive color cover designed by Jon Wesley Huff and contains the following stories:

BLOSSOM CORE by Kyle Bastian
In the vortex, the headquarters of the Celestial Intervention Agency drifts in and out of time, unreachable by everyone save a few elite Time Lords and the Operatives themselves. This covert group exists solely to manipulate the Time Lines and interfere where the Time Lords will not openly do so. What if one of said elite was a traitor? Operative-in-training Graekatziasa’asterus, (Grae for short), believes that her first mission with the Agency will be simple: halt the dimensional collapse of an antiquated Type 40 TARDIS last seen approaching the Decema system. But what is the origin of the virus that has destroyed the TARDIS’ dimensional controls? And why would the Agency want her to lie to the Doctor about what system they’re in?

The Doctor dumps Tamara on Earth and vanishes in the TARDIS, obsessed with discovering more about the force that has recently been drawn to his attention, which has been lurking in the shadows and shaping events from afar. Tamara, meanwhile, is horrified to discover that her mother has become critically ill. Faced with the possibility of losing the only parent she has ever had Tamara searches for the truth behind her father’s disappearance. But is she prepared to discover that her entire life has been a lie?

FLAT PACK by Graham Bell
Hidden away in the forests of Scandinavia revolution and civil war marks the end of the one-time rulers of the Northern tree spirits. In a last-ditch effort to escape persecution the final few Relkishi seek sanctuary in the one place they cannot be followed. Quarter of a world away inside the TARDIS, the Doctor faces one of his greatest challenges to date; flat pack furniture with soul. Felled, sawn, chipped, shipped, and boxed; the once mighty kings of the treetops have become nothing more than fixtures and fittings. Caught between the vengeful North and fractured psyches of the Relkishi can the Doctor and Grae really trust the smooth talking pine with a plan?

NEW BEGINNINGS by John-Gordon Swogger
The End becomes a New Beginning. After the shock of killing the Doctor, Silver is now confronted by someone she barely knows – a complete stranger, but one with whom she now shares the deepest of connections. It is a new Doctor, born from the blood and violence of the old one. Who is this new Doctor, so different from the one who plunged into the mud of the New Orleans swamp? As the TARDIS lands on a mysterious asteroid orbiting Earth’s sun, Silver realises she might have much more to learn about the true nature of her ever-enigmatic travelling companion. The twenty-second century is a time of change. In the aftermath of the second greatest climatic and environmental upheaval the planet has ever experienced, the planet is like a brand new Earth. But something dark and terrible has come to this brave new world from a mysterious asteroid in orbit around the sun – something once imprisoned and now free. On a tiny island in the Arctic Sea, under the shadow of an ancient lighthouse, Silver and the new Doctor unearth a millennia old saga of crime and revenge, and a newly awakened threat. But just whose side is this new Doctor on?

NINE DAYS by Duncan Johnson
On Monday, February 12, 1554, Lady Jane Dudley was led out onto Tower Green. Kneeling and blindfolded, her chin resting on a wooden block, she was beheaded with an axe. Her crime was treason. She was sixteen years old. Eight months earlier, following the death of her cousin, Edward VI, Jane had been proclaimed Queen of England. A pawn in both the schemes of her father-in-law, the Duke of Northumberland, and in the conflict between the Protestant and Catholic faiths that divided the country, Jane was deposed after just nine days, the shortest reign of any monarch in English history. This is the story of those nine days and what might have been.


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Roland T. Dunwich has a long history in the toy industry. He knows what makes us happy. He has a keen business sense, and he has the intimate knowledge of what lies beyond our own imagination and how to bring that out of the darkness and into the light.

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THE VAULT by Miles A. Reid-Lobotto
The Vault – A secret Russian installation, dated back to the Second World War. A research facility built deep into a mountain, dedicated to the collection and study of extra-terrestrial technology that crashes behind the Iron Curtain. Even to the Russian government, it doesn’t exist. Its existence covered up since all contact was lost back in the 1970s. On behalf of an old friend, the Doctor, Tom and Val accompany a UNIT research team to find the Vault and explore it. What they find, deep underground, are the remnants of some of the darkest days of the Cold War. Secrets are revealed, crimes are uncovered. Deep in the Vault, there is no way out and they are not alone and not all of their team are to be trusted. Deep in the Vault, something is waking up.

The collection also features a special introduction by long-time contributor John-Gordon Swogger and an exclusive afterword by respected writer/publisher Arnold T. Blumberg.

This special publication will be available to purchase directly from The Doctor Who Project

A portion of the sale of each book will benefit the British Columbia SPCA.

**Further details and order information coming soon**

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