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Tom and Val To Leave

August 27, 2013

tdwp-2011-specials-poster-artwork-luke-clift.jpgTDWP can now confirm that long-running companions Tom Brooker and Val Rossi will be departing in mid-season 40.  There are plans to write the two companions out in an exciting and interesting way that might have fans reaching for a tissue or two.

Tom and Val were introduced to readers in the Season 37 story “The Wanderer” where they met the Ninth Doctor in an adventure that saw the three become involved in a race against time against an alien bounty hunter as they tried to find the missing Princess of Sparana Prime.   Over the past 4 years they were witness to the regeneration of the Ninth Doctor into the Tenth, travelled to numerous worlds, met many an alien race and battled such foe as the Autons, the Great Intelligence, the Cybermen, Fomasi, Draconians and the Voord. 

Over the last year we’ve also seen the two get closer together to share a unique bond between two friends.  Will they get closer or will their last few exploits see the two driven apart.  Only time will tell but before they do depart they’ll finally get to encounter the dreaded Daleks in the Season 39 premiere story “Reverence of the Daleks”.

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