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Season 39 Begins Today

October 26, 2013

Reverence of the Daleks - Revised - Tiles - Kevin Mullen - MEDIUMYour wait is finally over.

Today is the day that The Doctor Who Project Season 39 begins.

The Season 39 season premiere story, Reverence of the Daleks by Kevin Mullen, has been released.  The story is available to download in PDF format.  All TDWP stories are available for free and published in PDF format which can be easily uploaded to your PC or eReader for your reading pleasure.

Investigating a transmission from a unexplored star system at the very edge of known space, the Doctor, Val and Tom discover the Venirex, a primitive warrior tribe who worship their living gods, the peaceful and benevolent Eldak’e. When Tom is struck down by a mysterious and life threatening virus, the Doctor is forced into an uneasy alliance to save him and begins to question his prejudice and hatred of his oldest enemies. However, the Doctor wasn’t the only one to discover the transmission and soon new visitors arrive whose plans threaten not only the Venirex but the entire galaxy.

Download Reverence of the Daleks today!

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