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SEASON 39: STORY 2: The Spicksbury Horror

October 30, 2013

THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT SEASON 39 continues on SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2 2013 with the second story of the season, THE SPICKSBURY HORROR by Jodie van de Wetering.  Based on a original storyline idea by Jeff Taylor, something spooky this way comes.

The Spicksbury Horror - Titles - Kevin Mullen - MEDIUM

Spicksbury has long been stalked by death.  An ancient ring of standing stones once pierced the valley’s mists, and the locals knew to stay away.  But later generations were not so wise; the circle was torn down to make way for an abbey, and later a church, but there was nothing Godly about what happened within those walls. 

The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Val and Tom to Spicksbury in the 1920s, to join a team of young ghost hunters exploring derelict Spicksbury Manor.  The grim old house has stood abandoned for years, plaster flaking from the walls and wood and velvet slowly crumbling to dust.  Those years of lonely isolated would have provided ample opportunity for evil to move in – had it not already been there before the first sod was turned.

With the walls of Spicksbury Manor crumbling, an ancient horror awakens and the ghost hunters become the hunted.  Deep in the heart of the house, the Doctor discovers an old enemy has taken on a shocking new form.

THE SPICKSBURY HORROR will be available to download in PDF format on NOVEMBER 2nd.

All TDWP stories are available for free and published in PDF format which can be easily uploaded to your PC or e-Reader for your reading pleasure.

Cover designed by Kevin Mullen


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