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TDWP Range Editor To Be Interviewed

November 23, 2013


It has been revealed that TDWP Range Editor, Bob Furnell, will be interview as part of an upcoming TDWP publication interviewing past TDWP editors and assistant editors. This will be a special publication planned as part of the fifteenth anniversary in 2014.

The TDWP Blog recently spoke with Series Consultant and writer, Jez Strickley, about the project and he confirmed that he will be interviewing Bob as part of the publication.  He had this to say about the project, “Bob is currently putting together a special publication interviewing past and present TDWP Editors and Assistant Editors.  I have approached Bob about doing a warts and all interview for the publication, and he has agreed to doing one.”

Jez also mentioned that he was soliciting interview questions from TDWP readers.  ” Yes, I’m going to put together the interview and I thought this would afford TDWP readers a unique opportunity to submit questions they’ve always wanted to ask Bob about any and all aspects of TDWP past, present and future.”

So TDWP fans, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to ask Bob, please send your questions to Jez at the TDWP editorial address, (found on this very blog), by December 1, 2013.  “I’ll combine your questions with mine in a final document which I’ll forward on to Bob for his response.”

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