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TDWP: SEASON 40 – The Final Season

March 4, 2014

10thdoctorAdditional details on the three stories that will make up Season 40 have been revealed.  Season 40 will see THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECTs Tenth Doctor in 3 exciting new adventures in time and space – the season will feature two full length adventures – Ghost Ship and Cybercult – while the third story will be divided up into two parts – The Final Reckoning Parts One & Two.  Joining the Doctor in his travels in time and space will be current companions Tom Brooker and Val Rossi.  New companion Hannah Redfoot will join the TARDIS crew in the latter half of the season.


To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.
A time to be born, a time to die.  A time to kill, a time to heal. A time to laugh, a time to weep.
To everything there is a reason and time to face a final reckoning.

GHOST SHIP by Krista Wilson
Responding to a distress signal, the Doctor and his companions find themselves on a medical emergency transport. But ghosts walk the halls of this abandoned ship and the TARDIS has disappeared.

CYBERCULT by Miles Reid-Lobatto
Travelling home for a rest and to think about their future, Tom and Val discover that an old friend has joined a pseudo-scientific cult called The Church of the New Future. The New Future and their leader preach the purging and control of human emotions in order to achieve an ordered, intellectually driven society free of hatred, depression and fear.  As Tom joins the New Future to find their friend, the Doctor and Val work to investigate the truth behind the cult. But in the shadows, an old enemy is waiting and in order to stop their latest plan, the Doctor may be forced to sacrifice Tom to achieve victory. No matter the outcome, for Tom and Val, their journey ends here.

Locals blame earth tremors near Devils Tower in Wyoming on a government fracking project at the old Bitter Ridge Mine. The local Sioux tribes, protesting against the fracking, warn that disturbing the Earth could wake terrible secrets. Hannah Redfoot, an aspiring geology student, discovers that the truth is even more terrible. When the Doctor arrives investigating a strange temporal phenomenon, Hannah is swept up in a desperate battle against an age-old enemy. And as something awakens beneath Devils Tower, all Hell begins to break loose…

Season 40 is set to be published sometime in 2014.

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