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Meet Hannah Redfoot

March 5, 2014

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As previously revealed, the Doctor will be joined in his travels by new companion Hannah Redfoot in the Season 40 finale, The Final Reckoning by John-Gordon Swogger.

With the departure of Tom and Val, the last thing the Doctor wanted around is another travelling companion.  He’d had enough of humans, and of someone always following him around, getting underfoot and being annoying.  But… The Doctor strikes an immediate liking of Hannah and her boldness – and even sees a little of himself in her.  He first meets Hannah when she is working in the Devils Tower Nation Monument gift shop in Sundance Wyoming.

Hannah is a friendly young woman who is very conflicted about herself, her abilities and her future, like many young people today. She’s wrestling with her heritage – all her life, her mother forced Hannah into taking part in Sioux ceremonies and traditions when all she wanted was to be like her friends at school. This caused a bit of a rift between Hannah and her mother, Mary. Her father John, the Crook County Sheriff, expressed an interest in letting his daughter experience more of the world. When her mother was diagnosed and eventually died from leukemia, Hannah drew inward – part of her regretting that she wasn’t what her mother hoped she’d be. She completely turned against her heritage when her mother passed away, believing that it would be of no help to her, if it couldn’t save her mother. Over the course of her adventures in the TARDIS, however, Hannah will come to realize the value of her heritage and the important role her background would have in her life.

Hannah is quite a fun person to be around. She enjoys cracking jokes, especially when presented with a tense situation. She is quite strong willed and hates being talked down to. Any attempts by people to “teach” something to her would be met with a little indignation.

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