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Changes to Season 40 Premiere

June 22, 2014

15th Anniversary Logo 2 - JGSI’m happy to report that we got the first draft of the season 40 premiere story, Ghost Ship, this week, which is now with Rob being edited.

Responding to a distress signal, the Doctor and his companions find themselves on a medical emergency transport. But ghosts walk the halls of this abandoned ship and the TARDIS has disappeared.

The story was originally being written by Krista Wilson (Evolution) but sadly due to her university course load, Krista wasn’t able to complete the story.  For a while it looked like we might have lost the story, and Bob certainly didn’t want to have to find another replacement for the season debut.   In an attempt to save the story, Bob sent out a plea to all of TDWPs past writers to see if someone might be willing to take over the story.  Luckily for TDWP, Matthew James (The Snow Maiden) stepped forth and volunteered to finish Ghost Ship.  (Thank you Matthew!)  As a result the story will now share a joint writing credit.

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