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Plea for Assistance

April 3, 2015

cover revised 2011 - jack drewell - MEDIUMHi gang.


I hate being a pest, but I thought I’d post this plea cause I need your help.

You may recall, a few years back we put together a comprehensive TDWP SERIES BIBLE that provided a detailed background on all of the TDWP stories published to date. The aim of the series bible was produced to provide information for the writers, artist, editors and others to have detailed information on each story published under the TDWP banner.

To date the response from the majority of writers of the outstanding entries has been fantastic, but I’ve run into a bit of a problem. There are several stories I need entries written up for but for one reason or another we’re no longer in contact with the stories writer.

I’m sure you’d like to see this publication come to fruition, so I was wondering if I could prevail upon a couple of you to help me complete the bible entries for the following stories:

  1. The Angel of the North Part One
  2. The Angel of the North Part Two
  3. Reverence of the Daleks
  4. The Night Parade
  5. The Vault
  6. Cybercult
  7. Ghost Ship
  8. The Man of Many Faces

What I need is a couple of people to read one or two of the above stories and to write up the “bible entry” for that particular story. I’m not in a super rush to get these completed, but I don’t think I would take more than a week to ten days to read a story and to write up its entry.

Below you’ll find the details on what information I need you to supply for your story’s entry.

  1. Plot synopsis of the story (3-5 paragraph synopsis of your story – this is not the blurbs previously written up but rather a plot synopsis or overview of what happens in your story. The synopsis can be as detailed as you’d like but should not be more than 5 paragraphs in length.)
  2. A list of all the main characters in the story
  3. A list of all the supporting characters in the story
  4. Where does the story take place? [Location(s) of the story]
  5. When does the story take place? [Date and time]
  6. Who is the main villain/chief protagonist of the story? [include a short description]
  7. Is there an alien race featured? If so, please name them. [If they are a new alien race, or one you’ve created specifically for your story, please provide a short description]
  8. Additional info [any information you feel is important that is not covered in the above]
  9. Famous Quotes [these are lines of dialogue or quotes from your story that are unique, ground breaking, interesting, or of significant interest to the reader]

Please don’t feel obligated to help out. Just thought I’d take a chance and send out this general plea to see if I might be able to convince a few of you to help out. If you can help out, it would be very much appreciated. Let me know which story you’d like to read and I’ll send you a copy for your reading pleasure in PDF format.

If interested, please contact me direct at thedoctorwhoproject (at) shaw dot ca. I’ll supply samples to help guide you writing the entries up.

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