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COMING SOON: Brand New Brief Encounters Story

July 23, 2015

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Fans of THE DOCTOR WHO PROJECT will be excited to hear that we’ve got a brand new BRIEF ENCOUNTERS story coming soon featuring the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe.

Where There’s Thunder
by Richard Hoover

It’s 1832 and the TARDIS has brought the Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe to a quaint countryside farm. Not all is as it seems as Michael Faraday and William Sturgeon – two greats in the field of electromagnetism – have come together to create a device capable of harnessing devastating energies. But what force is manipulating the two men? And what is the “great experiment?” The answers can only be found in the dreams of a little boy and in the ominous storm clouds gathering overhead.

Where There’s Thunder was originally submitted for consideration as part of the Temporal Logbook collection and one of the semi-finalist in the Second Doctor story category.  While the story didn’t make it for the Logbook we were so impressed with it that we approach Richard about publishing under the TDWP BE strand.

Keep tuned to our blog and website for updates and more details about this forthcoming story.

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