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Blossom Core The Comic

November 8, 2016

In the vortex, the headquarters of the Celestial Intervention Agency drifts in and out of time, unreachable by everyone save a few elite Time Lords and the Operatives themselves. This covert group exists solely to manipulate the Time Lines and interfere where the Time Lords will not openly do so.

What if one of said elite was a traitor?

Operative-in-training Graekatziasa’asterus believes that her first mission with the Agency will be simple: halt the dimensional collapse of an antiquated Type 40 TARDIS last seen approaching the Decema system.

But what is the origin of the virus that has destroyed the TARDIS’ imensional controls? And why would the Agency want her to lie to the Doctor about what system they’re in?

The Doctor Who Project brings together the original story and the seldom seen comic of the highly popular Season 29 story “Blossom Core” in this special publication.

Join the Eighth Doctor, Grae and Tamara Scott in this exciting adventure.

Written by Kyle Borcz
Illustrated by Jon Wesley Huff and Dan McDaid
Compiled and edited by Bob Furnell

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