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New BE Story: Shadow At The Heart

February 10, 2017


We’ve got a surprise this weekend for all our loyal readers as we release a brand new Brief Encounters story titled “Shadow At The Heart” by Dan Tessier and James P. Quick.

They say that the atmosphere of Traken is so suffused with goodness that any evil that arrives there is sure to just shrivel up and die. They say it’s a paradise, matched by few, exceeded by none. Is it any wonder that other beings look upon it enviously as their own civilizations crumble? As refugees from the wider galaxy arrive, life on Traken begins to change. But what is behind this influx of aliens?

Nyssa has never left Traken, but she explores the universe every night from the safety of her grounds. Yet what she sees through her telescope tonight frightens her. Even the Keeper seems afraid of what is coming. What is happening to the stars? What has disturbed the balance of the cosmos?

As the Doctor fights tooth and nail against his own ship, Nyssa faces her own demons. There will be hard choices to make for both of them.

For Nyssa, Traken is the most wonderful place in the universe, but soon it could be the only place left…

Shadow At The Heart features the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa and will be available to download free in PDF format on February 11th.

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