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Now Accepting Proposals for 2017 Christmas Special

May 20, 2017

Hi everyone.

Yes, I know it’s mid-May but I wanted to get ahead of schedule, so this is why I’m posting this here now.

TDWP is putting a call out for proposals for the 2017 TDWP Christmas Special.

  • The story will be released December 23, 2017.
  • Target word count for completed story: 25,000 words approximately.


  1. It is optional that the story is set at Christmas, but if you want to set the story at Christmas that’s fine.
  2. The story is to feature the return of a classic series (63-89) villain or monster (this does not include: Cybermen, Daleks or the Master) or can feature the return of a TDWP villain or monster.
  3. The story is to feature the TDWP Tenth Doctor and companion Hannah Redfoot.


  1. Please make sure you keep your stories situated in the Doctor Who universe as created in the original (1963-89) television series.
  2. The Doctor Who Project does not use, or refer to, continuity from the Virgin/BBC novels, comic strips, the new television series from BBC Wales, or Big Finish audios for its “canon” – any companions who may have died in the novels (e.g. Liz Shaw) are still alive.
  3. Do not use any ideas, plot threads, companions, monsters, etc created/used in Doctor Who comics of any kind, the Virgin New & Missing Adventures novels, the BBC novels (PDA, EDA, NDA), the 1996 television movie, or in the current television series produced by BBC Wales. Any stories featuring these elements will be automatically rejected.


  1. Story outlines are requested so that we can judge whether a story is acceptable for publication.
  2. Once we’ve read your proposal and if it has been accepted, you will be given access to the TDWP Writers Forum. This forum contains additional information on TDWP, as well as full character outlines and provides our writers a discussion forum to meet and to trade ideas with other TDWP writers.
  3. When submitting story ideas, please feel free to go into as much detail as possible. The more detailed a proposal, the better for us. More information and details about your story and the more likely your story will be accepted for publication.
  4. Please submit one story proposals per person.
  5. All TDWP writers are supplied with a copy of the TDWP Style Guide, which details how we like to see story drafts formatted and written.

Proposals to be submitted to the attention of the TDWP Editorial Board at by June 17, 2017.

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