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TDWP To Continue To At Least 2019

August 12, 2017

cropped-tdwp_hlogo.jpgThe Doctor Who Project is pleased to announce that they will continue to publish original fan written Doctor Who fiction until December 2019 through their Tenth Doctor and Brief Encounters ranges.

The Tenth Doctor range, featuring the TDWP Tenth Doctor and companion Hannah Redfoot, continues with an upcoming new season of six adventures – Season 41 – beginning September 2017. Season 41 will be followed with further new adventures for the Tenth Doctor and Hannah throughout 2018/19, the first of which is scheduled for release in April 2018.

TDWP will be abandoning the ‘season’ format for stories at the conclusion of Season 41, at which time the Tenth Doctor stories will be rebranded “The New Adventures”and released on a ‘as and when’ schedule but with a guarantee of at least three new stories a year. Editor Jeremy Remy commented on the change saying, “I like the idea of shifting to an ‘as and when’ publication schedule. It makes lots of sense, makes scheduling stories a lot easier, and will be less pressure on the Editorial team.”

TDWP will opening submissions for the New Adventures beginning this August.

Along with the New Adventures line, TDWP will continue publishing stories featuring stories with TV Doctors 1-7 and TDWP Doctors 8 & 9, through their Brief Encounters series. “I can’t wait to share the stories we have in the Brief Encounters pipeline,” says editor Richard Peevers. “From tales featuring old enemies to ones taking the range into new and exciting places, I am in awe of our writers’ creativity. When our readers get their hands on our latest adventures, I know they are going to be just as spellbound as I am!”

Forthcoming Brief Encounters include a Sixth Doctor and Peri adventure, If At First You Don’t Succeed by David Wallington; the return of the First Doctor in the historical The Three Mariners by Michael Baxter; along with upcoming adventures featuring the Fifth, Seventh Doctors and TDWP Ninth Doctor.

The Doctor Who Project will also be celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2019, definitely marking TDWP with the accolade of fandom’s longest continuous running fan fiction series. Range Editor Bob Furnell confirmed that the occasion will be marked by something special, “yes, we’re planning something special to mark the occasion. What that will be, I can’t say at this point, but it’s definitely a milestone we intend on celebrating.”

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