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Time Detectives Submission Guidelines Now Online

March 11, 2018

The submission guidelines for the Time Detectives series have now been posted online and can be downloaded by visiting this page

The Time Detectives is The Doctor Who Project’s very first spin-off series and will be centering on Time Lady Grae, former companion to TDWPs Eighth Doctor.

Overseeing The Time Detectives will be Kyle Borcz as the series Range Editor.  TDWP readers will know Kyle as the creator of Eighth Doctor companion, Grae; as well as having penned several TDWP stories (Blossom Core, The Tears of Rassilon, Snakecharmer) as Kyle Bastian.  Kyle also served as an editor with TDWP covering Seasons 30 to 32.

The first ‘season’ of The Time Detectives will consist of four adventures with the first release appearing in 2018.


New Section on The Time Detectives

March 11, 2018

We’ve now added a section to the blog on our new spinoff series, The Time Detectives.

You can find details about the project and a link to the Submission Guidelines in the menu featured at the top of the page.

Out of Print: An Update

February 17, 2018

As previously revealed stories that formed part of the following seasons have now gone out-of-print:

  • Season 28-39
  • 2011 Specials
  • Unreleased Stories
  • Guides
  • Interviews

Effective February 17 2018 any material previously contained in one of the above sections is no longer available to download.

However, Seasons 40 & 41 remain online and available to download.

TDWP Stories Going Out-of-Print

February 14, 2018

Fans of The Doctor Who Project take note.  Beginning February 18 2018 a large portion of our back catalogue will being be going out-of-print, and will no longer be available for download.  Those stories going out-of-print will include the entire range of TDWP Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor and select Tenth Doctor stories.  Many of these stories have been available since their original publication five, ten, fifteen or even close to twenty years ago, so readers have had plenty of time to access these stories.

Part of the project’s reasoning behind this decision is as a result of bandwidth consumption becoming unweildly and unmanageable, while many of the stories are rarely being downloaded anymore. Sadly it’s become uneconomical for us to continue to make these stories available and with resources limited, we decided to take the decision to make these stories offline.

Stories will be taken offline in staggered stages beginning with Season 27 which will be the first to go out-of-print.  While these stories will no longer be available from our site, it should be pointed out that we are currently looking at reprinting the stories in season omnibus print editions.

No Longer Accepting Story Proposals

February 14, 2018

Please note effective immediately we are no longer accepting story proposals, or completed stories, for the following ranges:

  • TDWP New Adventures
  • Brief Encounters

Thank you.

Updated Site Information

February 14, 2018

Please note that we have updated several of the sections contained on this blog including the following:

  • About (miscellaneous details)
  • Submission Details (the main revision being that we currently are not accepting any story proposals)
  • The Write Stuff (that the publication is no longer available for download or to purchase in print)

Thank you for your understanding.


Three Mariners Released

February 3, 2018

The Doctor Who Project is excited to release our first Brief Encounters story of 2018 – The Three Mariners by Michael Baxter.

In this brand new story featuring the First Doctor, curiosity draws the Doctor into an antique emporium known as The Three Mariners. Edwin Chitty, the elderly owner, tells of a spectre that haunts the property, said to be the manifestation of a noblewoman who was drowned centuries earlier. The two old men undertake an overnight vigil in the shop and witness the vision of a hauntingly beautiful woman. A strange, jewelled artefact amongst the shop’s merchandise is the key to her true identity, and an indication of the power that might be unleashed against mankind…

The Three Mariners is available to download free in PDF format, which can be read on most e-Readers and PCs.