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NOW OUT: The Web of Insanity

October 14, 2017

 photo Web of Insanity - Titles - Tom Denham - Medium_zpsx4mmua3b.jpg

The fifth story of Season 41 is now available to download.

In The Web of Insanity by Ian Manning with J.E. Remy, the Mercury Mining Company is an unwelcome resident of the planet Pearl. Since mining for the crystals of Pearl began, the avian Keer have been forced to endure storms, earthquakes, and the mysterious Shades. When the Doctor and Hannah arrive for the first geology conference of the Eight Galaxies, they are soon drawn into the political frustrations between the MMC and the indigenous people.

While a hidden hand seems to help guide the Doctor and Hannah in the right direction, an old enemy is clawing its way back into the physical realm. The last time the Doctor faced the Eight-Legs, it cost him his life. Will he have to lose his life again, if he is to defeat them once more?

The Web of Insanity is available to download free in PDF format which can be read on PCs, e-Readers and tablets.


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